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HUNCH - The Berlage Institute on Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape

The new Hunch critically examines worldwide issues and ideas that shape the built environment and the international architecture discourse from a Dutch perspective. Hunch is an architecture journal that reconsiders the evolving disciplines of the built environment to seek alternative modes of production and consumption. Hunch merges topical, theoretical and practical content into a valuable sourcebook of analytical ideas and generative strategies.

The Launch of a New Hunch Series by the Berlage Institute

  • New editorial structure
  • New design and format
  • Published twice a year
  • Authorities and emerging voices in the architecture discourse
  • Theory and Practice
  • Topically oriented essays.
Current issue

Keller Easterling, Kenneth Frampton, Thomas A.P. van Leeuwen, Henry Russell Hitchcock, Reinhold Martin, Antoni Negri, Joan Ockman, Martino Stierli, Alejandro Zarea-Polo, Iñaki Àbalos, Chris Barker and Erik Sigge, et al.
Editor: Salomon Frausto


Hunch 12 features contributions on how bureaucracy is increasingly shaping today's built environment. This edition explores a spectrum of examples, ranging from legislative restrictions to market-driven influences, that illustrate the role of bureaucracy in the development of the manmade world. Subjects discussed include the ubiquitous buildings of McKim, Mead & White in early twentieth-century New York City, the contrasting forms of urbanism found in Las Vegas in the late 1960s and today, the divergent interpretations of money and meaning found in the work of Louis Kahn and John Portman, the implications of fireproofing for the construction of the Houses of Parliament in London, and government-sponsored master planning initiatives in Brasilia and the Middle East. The authors reflect in text and image on the cultural, political and technological determinants of the architecture of cities, past and present. They also propound provocative ideas about operating within and against these bureaucratic systems in order to influence the architecture of the future.

Design: Niels Schrader, Mind Design, Paperback, Illustrated (colour and b&w)
176 pages, 24 x 30 cm


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