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Dick van Gameren

Revisions of Space
An Architectural Manual

Design: Simon Davies, Illustrated (colour and b/w), Bound, 168 pages, Size: 17 x 24 cm
English edition, ISBN 90-5662-421-0 / 978-90-5662-421-7, € 35.00
Dutch edition, ISBN 90-5662-419-9 / 978-90-5662-419-4, € 35.00

Revisions of SpaceIf there is something in architecture that is difficult to describe then it is space, but it is in the spatial quality of architecture and its use that its essence is encapsulated. There is, however, surprising little evidence of this in current architectural debate, because of all the consideration for visual appearance.

In Revisions of Space, architect Dick van Gameren shows how the spatial quality of architecture is connected with densification and programmatic diversity: in buildings, around buildings and in the urban context. He does this by using a selection of unusual historic examples and his own work.

The book could be described as a manual for architecture - how one can look at architecture and how, as a designer, to deal with it - as well as a personal appeal for more consideration for one of the essential components of architecture. Thanks to the highly original choice of historical examples, this book can also be read as an unconventional cross-section of the history of architecture.

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